Seating & Benches

Seating Bench Manufacturing

Designer schemes include bespoke benches, seats and planters. All products were designed and hand crafted by highly skilled workforces as attractive functional pieces can withstand tremendous usage from hordes of people who visit popular locations.

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Before fabrication, design engineers carry out extensive structural loading, ergonomic and safety testing to conceive an optimal construction to deliver trouble free installation on site, blend with its installed environment and provide endless years of visual and interactive fascination at a busy iconic location.

Each frame structure was hand crafted using ingenious design to meet client requirements and enable a multitude of different bench combinations to be configured and moved around to accommodate different events.

Bench seats are interchangeable enabling different shapes to be created. FSC hardwood timber provides the durability and strength that a movable bench requires in a high pedestrian traffic area. Complementary bespoke street furniture included street seats, corner lounge deck seats wall mounted plus freestanding benches and planters complete with galvanised inner lining, damp proof membrane and finished with stainless steel capping, built with long life, sustainably sourced FSC accredited hardwood timbers.

All handcrafted by British workers to suit client and individual project needs in accordance with ISO 9001 and delivered using ethical traditional and environmental working practices and the best customer service bar none.

That is what sets contemporary street furniture companies apart, pushing the boundaries of contemporary landscape design structures with attractive, imaginative, sustainable, eco friendly solutions - delivered on time, on budget and exceeding their client’s expectations.